About TCF Business Group

TCF Business Group is a management consulting firm, which Conrad Taylor founded in 2005. It helps business leaders identify blind spots, seize opportunities, and overcome obstacles. So, TCF Business Group ventured well beyond that practice, when it undertook the significant challenge of independently publishing PATH to FREEDOM: My Story of Perseverance. The Smithsonian displays the memoir in its Anacostia Museum Library because of the book's value to researchers. Other achievements include multiple literary awards. 

Conrad has over 30 years of shop-floor-to-CEO, multi-industry experiences learning, adapting, and solving complex problems of small, mid-sized, and large businesses. Grappling with sensitive strategic and operational matters of change, transition, profitability, and growth inform readily-transferable insights. Such versatility and hands-on expertise combine with MIT, West Point, and Emory University training to provide a solid business background.

Conrad Taylor has a knack for strategic thinking and problem solving. He is a likely difference maker in seemingly intractable situations. Taylor enjoys lending an unbiased, open-minded perspective as an Advisor and as an Interim Executive. See LinkedIN for a more detailed profile. Of course, you may also leave a message here to initiate discussions about your business needs.